: Zuma Dogg’s TWITTER Updates For Sunday

[Pictured: Villaragiosa’s Gubernatorial hopes after this past week of election results and PensionGate scandal.]

When you read Zuma Dogg’s TWITTER updates, you get a mix of Zuma Dogg’s personal life along with what I think is most important for people to see from my political blog. In other words, you squeeze a lemon, you get lemon juice; you squeeze my brain, you get this TWITTER post. And go to http://LADailyBlog for all the full posts including stuff not TWEETED.

My blog is HOT, right now…maybe a little TOO HOT for ZD’s comfort, but that never stopped me. This morning, 7 of my posts were in the Top 10 of Blog Net News’ ranking of California news blogs, and two of the stories made it into the Top 5 on their NATIONAL ranker!

Past 24 hours on TWITTER:

  1. City Hall.will see a power shift moving away from weak mayor’s office toward city attorney’s office. Villar got away with a lot under Rocky.

  2. I should noted for my safety that Zuma Dogg is not just a generic homeless guy. I was featured on ABC News Nightline and am an icon in L.A.

  3. The “Cuomo’ Personal Money Manager” story on my blog WILL BE headlines in newspapers and across New York & the world. http://LADailyBlog.com

  4. You’ve heard of “money launderers: ZD is an “information launderer.” I post your information and assume all the risk, so YOU don’t have to!

  5. It’s a Holiday, I’m dizzy from lack of sleep on street; but 3 people have already pressured me to take up their cause. READ MY TWITTER…NO!

  6. Villaraigosa will not be able to run for Governor now. If he tried, Jerry Brown will bitch slap him with his PENSIONGATE subpoena file. LOL!

  7. When I read the story and names in LA TImes regarding Jerry Brown’s subpoenas in the pension scandal, there was nothing new for me to blog.

  8. Jerry Brown subpoenaed Wetherly & Gold Bridge capital firms on Fri: ZD has been blogging the inside info on this pension scandal ALL ALONG!

  9. It’s 9:53 AM and am already so burnt out from lack of sleep that I can’t even do the blogging I had hoped to today. Need to sleep somewhere.

  10. How many millionaire and billionaires out there try to buy what Zuma Dogg achieves for FREE. That is because I am better than you, cowards!

  11. Woke up this morning and 7 of Top 10 posts on BlogNetNews STATEWIDE ranker were from ZD’s, http://LADailyBlog.com. I only posted 7 stories!

  12. All you greedy, desperate, pompous, arrogant, cocky, cowards mentioned below, and your cronies…YOU GOT YOUR ASS SERVED BY A CLOWN, DOUGH!

  13. Sean Harrigan, Elliott Broidy, Ron Burkle, Darius Anderson, Antonio Villaraiogsa, William H. Jackson, Louis Moret, Sam D.,THE PARTY IS OVER!

  14. Maybe more people can email today about their neighborhood issue and ask me to blog about it and show up to meetings. AND, do it for FREE!

  15. It’s only 7a, I’ve already been up for 2 hrs, my eyes burn, already dizzy from tiredness and it hurts to be awake. OH NO, NOT ANOTHER DAY!

  16. Ha, you have a room, bed, food, money and get to sleep more than four hours a day…BUT MY BLOG IS THE ONE WITH 7 in Top 10. How do I do it?

  17. Even though I sleep on the street, am sleep deprived and broke, 7 of Top 10 posts on BNN California ranker today are by the great Zuma Dogg!

  18. Even on Sunday I couldn’t sleep past 5:30 AM today. All it takes is ONE person banging stuff around. I have NEVER started the day so dizzy.

  19. My blog is ranked #5 this week on Blog Net News STATEWIDE Ranker. I slept on the streets the entire time, stressed out and sleep deprived.

  20. NO QUESTION…The most active day of blogging and most EXPLOSIVE content EVER in my 3 years blogging: http://LADailyBlog.com See PayPal link

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