ZUMA DOGG Update for Monday January 12, 2009

Is this Zuma Dogg with Los Angeles Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa at the Sagebrush Cantina? NO! That’s not really Zuma Dogg.

JAN PERRY FEEDS DOGG: Zuma Dogg loves Jan Perry so much more, and doesn’t even care about her policy anymore, now that she has fed Big ZD this morning a nice plate of SOOOOOOUL FOOD from Soul Food Express. It was a breakfast that she threw to kick off the new year. I wish it were a diurnal event.

Besides the very excellent plate of eggs, potatos, grits and whatnot; Zuma Dogg pressured City Attorney Dion O’Connell into sitting down with him. He kinda looked around nervously, so I reminded him, “Don’t worry, you don’t have an elected position. There’s nothing voters can do if you are seen with me.” It worked, cause he sat down and it was the dream sit down “chit chat” with ZD’s City Council meeting (partial) nemesis, City Attorney Dion O’Connell, who sometimes makes ZD so mad I call him Dion o’CONnell. But Dion’s a good guy and we got to talk a little about things, then he moved on and sat with the rest of the city hall people. (It was like a high school cafeteria moment where the popular guy (Dion) sat with a “sweathog” (ZD) for a nice moment, then back to reality.) I can tell you though, that the City and Zuma Dogg differ on certain issues regarding the first amendment and the level of “discretion.” And not just regarding ZD, but other lines they will draw this year with other speakers, as well. It’s gonna be one of THOSE kinda years, it looks like. Call the ACLU! Tell ’em to tune in and stand by when this new “rule” goes into effect. (It hasn’t been to “Rules” committee though, yet.)

JAN’S BREAKFAST, WHO PAID AND HEALTH FOOD, OR NOT: Michael Higby wanted to know, “Who paid for it and what kind of food?” (As in “healthy or fast food.”) Jan DID take one look at it and say that she was just having a protein shake to kick off the new year. Zuma Dogg added, “Hey Jan, if you have this free breakfast buffett every Tues, Wed and Friday at 10:30am, you would keep Zuma Dogg out of the council meetings for public comment!” She laughed and added some comments about that.

ZUMA DOGG LOVES PARKS: (The outdoor ones, not the councilmember! Just kidding CM Parks!) After breakfast, Zuma Dogg was in a much better mood than usual cause it WAS the best I have eaten in recent memory and I bumped into Bernie Parks coming out of the elevator in his casual sweater. He comes off much more likeable in casual attire. I always make sure I say something to make these CMs a little nervous when I see them, so I asked Parks if he will endorse me for mayor since I endorsed him for Supervisior…THEN, reminded him that the Zuma Dogg Nightline segment that we filmed inside council chambers last week will air this Wednesday January 14th at 11:35 pm. (That’s the part to hopefully make ’em nervous.) Meanwhile, I’m sure Parks walked into his office and asked when the new ordinance that will allow them to easily ban public comment speakers for six months will be going into effect. (LOL!)

PARKING METERS: The more I drive around town and think how people are required to carry around all that change, or eventually try and use some credit card machines that many people will NEVER be able to figure out…and the more I think about how the mayor is extending the hours of enforcement and will be including Sunday (no longer a free day), the more I realize how much the mayor BLEW it…THE MONEY I MEAN. He had record revenue and BLEW IT to help sew up his re-election by promising raises to everyone…and now people are going to be getting laid off and services Citywide will be cut. So that’s why Loseraigosa has to do this. But Zuma Dogg as mayor would be saying in these economic times, I would be leaning more toward keeping them at the current (previous rate) and would NOT be extending the hours and taking away free Sunday. I would however be thinking about EXTENDING free parking hours and even add free Saturday (or even Monday) to see if it had a positive impact on business. Because it isn’t just the business who is being punished, but the residents, too. I know City Controller candidate Wendy Greuel defends the meter rate hikes because the money is needed to offset the budget defict. YEAH, well the city is gonna need an auto-industry/financial-industry style bail-out anyway, cause, “The City of Los Angeles and the State of California are just too important to the U.S. and global economy to let fail.” The whole thing is so sickening because it was the mayor with his council-puppet Wendy “Greuesome” Greuel who irresponsibly spent us into this mess…and now they are using it to justify these parking meter increases. L.A. City Hall really does operate like a meth-addict. These people really remind me of meth-heads the way they have to cover their habit. IT IS SO OVER. YOU CANNOT FIX YOUR BUDGET PROBLEMS BY THIS METHOD OF RAISING THE PARKING METERS. YOU ARE GOING TO HURT LOS ANGELES FROM A RESIDENTIAL, VISITOR (people outside the city who come into L.A. for stuff) and tourist standpoint. AND, you are hurting the small and local businesses most with this. Because they are the ones who rely on the metered parking spaces. The bigger, corporate businesses are in the malls with free parking. So get ready to turn all that retail space into homeless shelters.

ZUMA DOGG ON ABC NEWS NIGHTLINE: In case it didn’t register when I mentioned it in the story about Parks, ZUMA DOGG will be on ABC News NIGHTLINE this Wednesday, January 13th (pending a breaking news “bump”). And I hope to post the segment, along with extra footage shortly thereafter. And I did the segment without the hat and glasses. No suit, nice black shirt…clean shaven and haircut. MY MOM’S GONNA LOVE IT!!! So will mainstream voters who have never seen me before.

ZUMA DOGG RECORDS CITY TV 35 CAMPAIGN PROMO: Each candidate (City Controller, City Attorney, Mayor, City Council, LAUSD) get a three minute promo that will air on City TV 35 soon, right up to the election. Candidates were invited into the City TV 35 studios on 1st Street near the Japanese Village Market. I shot the commercial in a suit jacket with a tie and went without the black knit ski cap and sunglasses. So it was as “executive, clean-cut and mayoral” as humanly possible from ZD at that moment. IT’S GOING TO BE HILARIOUS. And remember. It’s not just about the past three years on City TV 35…after 8 years on public access, protecting the ZD “hat and glasses” image (no photographs, always seen in public with the “garb”), a lot of people should be tripped-out, starring at the screen, trying to figure out, “how in the hell that could be ‘Zuma Dogg’.” I love the reaction, because it really is surprising how much the hat and glasses completely changes someone’s look. (Like Superman’s “Clark Kent” glasses, I guess. People don’t seem to make the connection.)

DON’T PLAYA HATE ZUMA DOGG, DENNIS ZINE: Hey bro, I thought you liked Zuma Dogg!?!?! Why are you pushing my buttons, y’all. When I saw him at City Hall today and told him I wanna come in a strong second, he told me that he doesn’t think ZD will get quite as many votes as Zuma Dogg seems to think he is going to get because ZD doesn’t have “money” for fliers, or whatever. So I say to DZ that ZD on Nightline will help expose me to voters. He mentioned that it is a national show, so it wouldn’t be that big a deal. So I had to remind him that IT AIRS IN THE ENTIRE LA CITY VOTING AREA — AND IT REACHES A LOT OF HOUSEHOLDS THAT TV 35 DOESN’T. So a lot of people will be hearing about Zuma Dogg for Mayor, for the first time. Plus all the radio, TV 35 council meetings (each one broadcast four times), blogs, meetings, public access and other media, and Zuma Dogg has already done his campaigning over the past three years…and between now and March, just keep doing what I’m doing…cause it’s all gravy!


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