Zuma Dogg & Mayor Sam’s Blog "Holiday Party" FRIDAY December 12th at Casa Princesa in Eagle Rock, CA

Friday, December 12th at 7PM is the perfect time for another Zuma Dogg LIVE Event at Casa Princesa in Eagle Rock, CA.

* MAYOR SAM & LA DAILY BLOG HOLIDAY PARTY: First of all, somehow, the Christmas/Holiday season has already gotten here. IT’S DECEMBER, ALREADY! And, I just exchanged emails with Michael “Mayor Sam” Higby, and he said that HIS blog isn’t having a Holiday Party, yet…so ZD and Higby are turning it into the “ZD & Mayor Sam’s” Holiday Party.

From Zuma’s LA Daily Blog

* ZUMA DOGG FOR MAYOR PARTY: After trekking all over the city, gathering 1000 signatures — and being verified as a candidate for mayor, it’s time to have some fun under the banner of “Zuma Dogg For Mayor.” Yes, campaign contributions will be accepted for my candidacy; but it will be the same kind of event we have had in the past, only hopefully, even a little better since now it is a “mayoral candidate” event, y’all — plus annual Holiday Party!

* LA WEEKLY ISSUE RELEASE PARTY: The issue of LA Weekly, with the feature article on the end of public access, FEATURING ZUMA DOGG, will be coming out that week, so it will also be an LA Weekly issue release party. Pick up your commemorative, souviner issue and have it signed by Big ZD from the 213. I did a photo shoot for LA Weekly, this week, and it was fun. Should be a good shot, or two, hopefully in the issue. 😉 ALSO: Pick up issues of Tom Topping’s Boulevard Sentinel, that features a FRONT PAGE article by Zuma Dogg; and Carlos Morales’ “The Voice”, also with an article by ZD! Here is last month’s article by Zuma Dogg in Blvd Sentinel.

* $10 FOOD BUFFETT: Based on the feedback from the last events, and especially since it is a HOLIDAY party, Casa Princesa will have a food buffett, that Zuma Dogg demanded a price cap of $10. It will be the stuff people like, such as wings, chicken wings, chicken filets, egg rolls, veggie burgers, pizza…I’ll make sure it’s the stuff people really want.

* “TOYS FOR TOTS” DRIVE: Casa Princesa already has a “Toys For Tots” box (U.S. Marine Corp Reserve) in the house. So Zuma Dogg will have the .99 cent toy store set up, so you can buy some .99 cent toys and throw them in the box as donations. ZD has the popular, little electronic toy items that are HOT this season and are sure winners for any kids.

* MEET THE CANDIDATES: I spoke with City Attorney candidate, Noel Weiss, today and he will be in attendance for people to meet and greet. PLUS, I called the other City Attorney candidate, Carmen “Nuch” Trutanich and left a message invititng him, so hopefully, he will be available, too. Plus, Louis Puglise, LAUSD candidate was at the last ZD/Mayor Sam Casa Princeas event, so hopefully, Louis will stop by, and ZD will be inviting all the other candidate who are running to stop by to meet people. (If you have a favorite candiate, send them this blog post and have them contact me at 213-785-7272.)

ZUMA DOGG FOR MAYOR CAMPAIGN SIGNS: I will make you a “custom” Zuma Dogg campaign sign — or you can make your own customized sign. You can call it a cheap way to make a campaign sign, cause I don’t have money for printing; but homemade “custom” ZD signs is as ZD as it gets. Maybe I can draw you a “Zuma Dogg” T-shirt, too! (Like the one in this picture that I’ve worn on TV 35 and the one the LA Weekly wanted me to wear for the photo shoot.)

ZUMA DOGG “UNMASKED”: I’ll probably spend some time walking around without the hat and glasses so people can see what the next mayor of Los Angeles really looks like. LA Times’ David Zahniser saw me at City Hall with only a baseball cap, and no glasses or beard (clean shaven) and he stopped dead in his tracks realizing it’s a look he has never seen before. DEFINITELY more of a mayoral look.



Friday, December 12th at 7pm

4527 York Blvd.

Eagle Rock, CA 90041

(Directly across from Sparkletts, one block east of Eagle Rock Blvd.)


Donate To “Zuma Dogg For Mayor” To Help Me Get T-Shirts Made and other stuff.


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