The Zuma Dogg Report for Monday 11.10.08 (City Hall ODDS and ENDS)

ZUMA DOGG FOR MAYOR GETTING MEDIA COVERAGE: Thanks to LA Times, Daily News (Rick Orlov) and all the blogs for their mention of Zuma Dogg filing as a mayor candidate. Plus, thanks to Doug McIntyre for mentioning that Rick Caruso wasn’t running and that it was up to Walter Moore and Zuma Dogg to beat Villaraiogsa. (In an earlier segment, Doug didn’t mention that ZD was running, so Doug got one of those ledgendary “early morning cranky emails” from ZD, notifying him that I was running. AND NEXT SEGMENT HE INCLUDED “Zuma Dogg” in the mention. Thanks Doug! He was out of town on vacation on Friday and over the weekend, so he hadn’t heard that I was running. [Pictured: Mayoral Candidate Zuma Dogg picks up nominating petitions along with one of the other candidates.]

“BAD FOR BUSINESS” VILLARAIGOSA RAISES PARKING METER RATES ACROSS CITY OF LOS ANGLES: Over the weekend, “One-term Tony” (Mayor Villaraigosa) raised the parking meter rates in from twenty-five cents and hour, to ONE DOLLAR an hour in at least the Northeast L.A. area, if not Citywide already. I wonder how that will play with Councilmembers alarCON and Reyes who are always asking for exemptions for their low-income residents. Maybe the City can issue a “low income” plaquard like the handicap plaquards and these people can be allowed to park at these meters for free. I understand twenty-five cents an hour was cheap, but now it just quadrupled.

CM JOSE HUIZAR PAYS A VISIT TO CASA PRINCESA: Don’t hold it against the Casa Princesa, but Councilmember Jose Huizar stopped by on Sunday before the Eagle Rock Veteran’s Day Parade that was lining up right in front of the parking lot. Pictures and YouTube videos of the Veteran’s Day Parade coming soon. Here are some shots from the Casa Princesa Pre-Parade gathering.

Proof he was there! Huizar walks past the Zuma Dogg Open Mic banner! (Fridays at 7pm)

Look, he talks to regular people in public. “ZAPPER” Joe listens to community opposition

DWP GOES GREEN: In case you missed any of City Council’s four and a half hour Council meeting on Friday, you didn’t miss anything. Just kidding! On the agenda was DWP and David Nahai over mandatory greening of DWP with solar panels and all that “renewable” whatnot. There were a few people from the public who showed up for public comment (from Zine’s Woodland Hills area) and about fifty guys from the union (who will benefit by the DWP Green ordinace) that were ready to speak, too.

Well, three or four hours into the meeting, they are finally ready to discuss the ordinance (that will most certainly drive up your DWP costs, even more, even though ZD feels this solar panel/green energy stuff is something that needs to be done. (Gotta bite the bullet…but this is a blank check for DWP to move ahead with the project, and there is concerned the costs will be about quadrupled with this union’s involvement.)

But some of those concerns were being worked out, and Grieg Smith asked for some changes. And they were working things out. THEN, Councilmembers Janice Hahn and Tom LeBong call some speakers up to the podium to speak. They do. Then it’s time to “open the roll, close the roll, tabulate the vote” and the people from Zine’s Woodland Hills distrtict start looking confused, cause their name wasn’t called to speak.

Turns out, they already had public comment during the previous meeting, so they didn’t feel they were required to re-open it. ZUMA DOGG SAYS CITY COUNCIL IS FULLY AWARE THAT IF YOU MAKE SUBSTANTIVE CHANGES TO THE ORDINANCE, AS THIS WAS THE CASE…you gotta open up public comment.)

But for the purpose of this argument, you had a situation where Councilmembers called some folks to speak, and the other ones who were not called were getting a little restless.

I went to the Seargent at Arms, and said, “I know they already had public comment, but those people are here to speak, and you called some other people up.” The response from Shitty Attorney Dion o’CONnel was, “Nope.”

When I told one of the ladies who had waited four hours for public comment on the item that it was closed, and they Councilmembers just called those people up themselves, and they weren’t going to have a chance to speak, well…and I swear on all things holy…the lady kinda started to cry. DEFINITELY PERCIPITATION GATHERING UNDER THE EYE LIDS!

So I walk over to the Seargeant again, and say, tell Zine, if he doesn’t open it up for those people, they’re gonna start a recall campaign. (Not hostile, but as a joke to let Zine know they weren’t going to be happy.)

AND THANKS TO ZINE, because he did stand up and re-open it up for his constituents.

Unfortunatley (and hilariously) that also opened it up for the fifty union workers there to speak, too. So it was a double bonus for Zuma Dogg, cause the people for Woodland Hills got to speak (and they were thrilled)…AND THEN, Council got punished with fifty additional minutes of union workers there to ask for their support of something they were already supporting. (LOL!)

Anyway, that’s the type of stuff that happens off the City TV 35 cameras that I thought you should know about. SHADY AS HELL CITY COUNCIL! Luckily they were ZAPPED (Zuma’s Action Plan) this time.

ZUMA BEGINS SIGNATURE GATHERING JOURNEY: First of all, I got to use the word, “Journey” as in “Don’t Stop Beleiveing”, which is what I’m aksing the people to do, cause it’s time to “Take Back The City!” I was going to have some people help me, and I still might, but I want to do most of the signature gathering (if not all of it) myself, if possible. I am learning so much by doing it myself and talking to people during the process. So as a blogger, I look forward to blogging what I am discovering on the streets, now that I am doing it as a signature gatherer and candidate for mayor.

WILL OBAMA GIVE VILLAGROSA NATIONAL APPOINTMENT: We can only hope so. On Friday, at City Hall, some folks explained it THIS way: Douchearaigosa knows he can’t beat Jerry Brown for Governor, so that would only give the loser-mayor four more years as a professional, career politician. Well, his ASSembly time doesn’t count toward his pension, and everyone knows that big empty headed dummy wants to boost his ego with a national position (if offered). AND THEN, he has a lifetime paycheck and pension (as Labor Secretary) and then he can eliminate poverty and eliminate the lower-class. But of course the greedy, selfish A-hole of a mayor will wait until he wins re-election, THEN walk out the door. So this whole “Zuma Dogg For Mayor” is just a practice run and awareness raising campaign, until the next “Special Mayoral Election” after Barack appoints his empty-headed ass. BARACK…PLEASE HURRY!!! DON’T WAIT UNTIL AFTER THE ELECTION. THE CITY IS IN A CRISIS AND YOU SHOULD YANK HIM OUT NOW!!! HE’S TANKING THE ENTRIE REGION!!! IT’S A MATTER OF PUBLIC SAFETY, BARACK…GET HIM OUT OF TOWN, ASAP!!! S.O.S. B.Z.D.


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