Zuma Dogg Review: Saturday was a GREAT day for Los Angeles City "Activists"

Saturday was a great day for activists. LA City Attorney Candidate Carmen Trutanich, SLAP Founder Ron Kaye, CD 7 (vs alarCON) City Council Candidate Guillermo Huesca, Mayoral Candidate David Hernandez, Dr. Daniel Wiseman and others showed up at the ZAP (Zuma’s Action Plan) meeting at the Casa Princesa, Saturday morning. ZD filmed YouTube segments with everyone mentioned above and took a great group picture.

(Pictured: Ron Kaye, Guillermo Huesca, Zuma Dogg, David Hernandez, Casa Princesa’s Jonson and Carmen Trutanich)

Then we took off to the SLAP meeting. Less people than usual, because of DWP Oversight Committee meeting at Phillipes restaurant downtown. Guillermo Huesca addressed the SLAP crowd about his CD 7 City Council candidacy. They LOVED him! And the SLAP crowd is comprised of the most scrutinise community members. And again, ZD witnessed how excited everyone was getting about his candidacy; and the thought of a SERIOUS and VIABLE contender to knock “merry-go-round” professional career politician Richard alarCON into the private sector, once and for all. I’LL BET ALARCON ANYTHING THAT HUESCA GETS THE BACKING OF THE 10,000 NC MEMBERS IN THE AREA!

THEN, I went to the DWP meeting (comprised of about 40 or more people from various Neighborhood Councils across the City). I called Carmen Trutanich on his cell phone and issued an alert to head over to the meeting to meet some of ZD’s pals who wanted to meet Nuch. HE DID!!! Some of ZD’s pals got to sit in a side room with Carmen “NuchTrutanich and really spend quality “one on one” time, grilling Nuch and hearing what he feels needs to be done in the City Attorney’s office. (MORE ON NUCH’S PLATFORM COMING UP.)

Then Carmen addressed to the 40 or so people at the DWP meeting. I can tell you from the reaction, he impressed the HELL out of the crowd with the rundown of his background, credentials, endorsements…AND WHAT LOS ANGELES WOULD BE LIKE WITH CARMEN “NUCHTRUTANICH AS CITY ATTORNEY! And let me tell you folks, if you don’t think the City should have paid about $5 million for the guy who ate a spoon of dog food (and all the other predatory lawsuits against the City), then NUCH is YOUR City Attorney candidate! And by the time Zuma Dogg is done with my upcoming Jack Weiss story about the DNA kit backlog, it’ll be over for Jackass, anyway.

NICK P (from DWP) who is running for City Controller (against Wendy Greuel) was at the meeting, as a DWP official. But after the meeting, as we walked out, Nick spoke passionately about his background that makes him such an impressive candidate for City Controller. I don’t see any way that Wendy could sway my endorsement at this point. She’s welcome to spend some time talking to me about LA City with “Wendy as Controller” (and I contacted her office). But it really looks like Nick blows her out of the water based on experience and ability.

AND, I had a chance to meet a lot of people for the first time, and see a bunch of people I haven’t seen in a while. I especially loved meeting some of the people who email me and post comments, that I met for the first time. And especially thanks to everyone who gave ZD those “warm” five dollar, ten dollar, and even twenty dollar handshakes at Phillipes. (Sorry haters, ZD felt so much warmth from the crowd, I got third degree burns.)


Zuma Dogg feels all the ZAPPERS and SLAPPERS and NC MEMBERS across the City can make a difference in the next election.

It will take a focused effort of everyone putting a lot of other side issues on the back-burner to make this happen. Hate to say it. From what I learned as a radio market research director and marketing strategy student…you can’t have it all. We are up against BIG campaign machines with BIG money. My only concern is that people will want to “focus” on seven or eight important issues. SORRY KIDDIES! I may be right, or I may be wrong…but my radio research and marketing strategy background is leading me to feel, that if all of us want to “ROCK THE LA VOTE” in March…we all have to unite into “campaign mode” and put a lot of other things on the back-burner, JUST LIKE VILLARAIGOSA AND ALL THE INCUMBENTS WILL BE DOING!

I REALLY DO THINK WE CAN DO IT — OR I WOULDN’T EVEN TRY. But it’s no slam dunk, and I think the key is “focus”. (And that’s a tough thing to do with a room full of activists.)
NEXT ZUMA DOGG (ZAP) EVENT THIS FRIDAY NIGHT @ 7PM: Stop by for the next Zuma Dogg Open Mic DOGG HOUSE Party at Casa Princesa (ZAP Headquarters) at 4527 York Blvd, just off Eagle Rock Blvd. We can talk strategy and action for the March Mayoral/City Council elections. PLUS, KARAOKE, Open Mic, Acoustic Performers AND YOU CAN MAKE A YouTube VIDEO ON THE NICE CASA PRINCESA SOUNDSTAGE! _____________________________________________________________
Call me at 213-785-7272 to discuss any of this. ZD


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