CITIZENS ALERT!!! City of Los Angeles Under Attack of Corrupt Politicians…ZUMA DOGG SAYS, "TAKE BACK THE CITY!!!" (HERE’S HOW!)



Although Zuma Dogg has issued “Citizens’ Alerts” on numerous occasions over such issues as eminent domain; water; economic and other City related issues…



The City is under attack of corrupt, wreckless and inept elected officials (fraud, waste and abuse/RICO/Racketeering) and requests that the FEDERAL GOVERNMENT STEP IN TO PROVIDE DISASTER RELIEF FROM THE CORRUPTION BEFORE THE CITY IS NO LONGER ABLE TO PROVIDE BASIC SERVICES (like trash removal) AND WILL NO LONGER BE ABLE TO ENFORCE THE LAW OR PROVIDE PUBLIC SAFETY!

Read postings on this blog to find out why.


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AND BE SURE TO CHECK OUT THE LA DAILY BLOG LABOR DAY 500 (Top blog posts of all time that Zuma Dogg wants you to be aware of for the upcoming election season. And like an actual politician, although I am calling it the “LABOR DAY 500” — it’s more like “LABOR DAY COUPLE HUNDRED.” But I wanted to put all the important issues in one place for everyone to be able to scan easily, and you can email any of these threads to your friends. (Click “envelope” icon at bottom of each thread.)

One thought on “CITIZENS ALERT!!! City of Los Angeles Under Attack of Corrupt Politicians…ZUMA DOGG SAYS, "TAKE BACK THE CITY!!!" (HERE’S HOW!)

  1. I get the impression that you do not think of Greig Smith as one of the worst, yet he and his staff and his finanical backers are consistently and stealthily working to disenfranchise the L.A. voters. There is an article in today’s Daily News about how the Los Angeles Ethics Commission is going to consider revising the city’s lobbying laws, allegedly to crack down on people who influence city leaders yet do not register as lobbyists. This is after it made news that Richard Alatorre had been working as a paid lobbyist for 3 years without ever registering. While the requirements for registration are currently being evaluated, the response from Harvey Englander (Berghoff Englander, former employer of Marcus Allen (close relative of Mitch Englander, Smith’s Chief of Staff)) was that everyone who tries to influence a city council vote, should be required to register, including homeowner’s groups and nonprofits, regardless of whether they earn compensation doing so. The fee to register is $495.00. This is one more attempt by those in power (city council and their rich backers, developers, P.R. firms for Developers, and other special interests)to keep the voting public out of the equation. At a minimum such a rule would make it more confusing and difficult for the small, and poor citizen groups to participate in the political process in L.A. In another instance, earlier this year, there was a motion made by Councilman Greig Smith to limit Neighborhood Councils to making 3 motions before city council each year (nevermind that they actually have no power to get their issue on the council agenda unless it is picked up by a councilmember and put on the agenda), and there was also a requirement that those officers on the Neighborhood Council, before making such a motion before city council, disclose all of their financial information and interests, and those of their spouse. This is because Greig Smith stated that some of the neighborhood councils in his district had been “infiltrated by special interests.” This is another attempt to silence the average citizen who takes an interest in his neighborhood or who wants to change the status quo. The neighborhood councils were supposed to serve as an advisory boards to the councilmembers; this assumes the councilmembers will listen to them. However, on more than one instance, it has been Greig Smith’s response to TOTALLY IGNORE the neighborhood councils in his district, even when 4 of them banded together. This is the Emergency Alert that your readers need to respond to: Write to the L.A. Ethics Commission and tell LeeAnn Pellham, Executive Director that “Lobbyists” that need to be cracked down upon DO NOT INCLUDE small nonprofits and homeowner groups, and those small, non-paid organizations who are merely trying to protect their turf from big developers–the very groups that Harvey Englander’s firm represents. Respond to: L.A. City Ethics Comm’n, 200 N. Spring Street, Los Angeles City Hall, 24th Floor, Los Angeles, California 90012, (213) 978-1960(213) 978-1988 [Fax](213) 978-2609 [TTY]

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