Story Ideas For LA CIty News (The Newspaper) ELECTION EDITON

I went through the history of Zuma Dogg’s blogging to pick the issues/stories to be included in the upcoming issue of LA City News (The Newspaper). Here is the list of stories that can hopefully all make it into the issue. If you see anything for last minute consideration, send it to But this should be a pretty nice starting point. And the point is not to create something for all of you who already read the blogs and are the leader/activists/NC members in the community to read…but something you can give to your friends and leave all over your community FOR THOSE PEOPLE WHO DON’T READ THE LOCAL BLOGS AND HAVE NO IDEA WHAT IS REALLY HAPPENING IN THIS CITY, CAUSE THEY READ THE LA TIMES. That’s why, with the election coming up, it is time, for ZUMA TIME’S…LA CITY NEWS! So I’m gonna try to squeeze out the issue and it’ll be up to all of y’all to help distribute them in your areas. (ZD will already be dropping them off everywhere HE wants them to be.)

Zuma Dogg’s

LA City News
(Vol. 1)

Intro: LA City News/Take Back The City

Meet the Shaw Family (

Just Say “NO” To All New Bonds and Taxes (It’s Never What you think/Prop R, Prop S, Trash, Prop 1A, Prop 1C…)

DWP Rate Increases (It’s more than you think)

LA City’s (Dumb) Smart Growth: Too Much Density, Not Enough Water or Anything Else

FBI Investigation Into City Hall Just Tip of Iceberg?

Grand Ave Project and the Affordable Housing Ballot Prop

LAUSD/Home Depot Problems Reported by Sunland-Tujunga

Quality & Productivity: Interpreting Deming’s 14 Points (’08 Update)

Voter Approved Money For “Emergency Housing And Shelter For Battered Women, Kids, Elderly & Disabled GOING TO COMMERCIAL GRAND AVENUE PARK PROJECT!!!

State of Neighborhood Council (NC Elections LH/BH/Vera Padilla/LAUSD, elections tossed Downtown, CM Staffers as NC Presidents, Planners and Board Members…Not Independent)

LA City Staffer Salaries Special Event Fees/Non-Profit Abuse

Affordable Housing Ballot Argument (Opposition)

Griffith Park/Southwest Museum/Autry

LAUSD (The biggest problem in the region!)

Carmen Trutanich For City Attorney (Not Jack Weiss)

Jose Huizar’s CD 14 (So much shadiness, the district demands it’s own section.)

Graffiti Problem (Don’t make biz pay)

Mayor Election in March Election 08

Candidate and Ballot Listings (City Council, BOS, Props, Bonds)

NC Meeting Listings


Call or email for your 1/4 page ad=$199.


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