LA City News (Sunday Morning News Scan)

[photo: Sunday Morning, 9AM]


LAPD Hunt For 3 Gang Suspects In Fatal Shooting

Discipline policy for LAPD revises penalities for cops’ errors

LAANE Back on Zuma’s Blog Over New Proposed Lobbying Ordinance For LA City

SEIU removes all officers of local chapter amid financial inquiry

Man shot to death at Reseda park football game

Tyrone Freeman steps aside as head of SEIU chapter

ZD Insider Says, “Feddie B of I’s” ITA Email Search May Lead To A Major Fishing Expedition of LA City Council!

Finding L.A.’s hidden homeless

ICE vows beefed-up enforcing

Controversy roils Sunset Junction festival in Silver Lake

ALERT: Zuma Dogg Busts LA City Water Wasting!!!

Not Everyone Happy To See More West Hollywood Affordable Housing

California Could Soon Ban Texting While Driving

Gov.’s budget calls for tax hike

LAX Union Service Workers Vote To Authorize Strike

Charter school leader joins Milken venture

Griffith Park as a Historic-Cultural Monument?

‘Subway to the Sea’ Sneak Peak

LAT kudos itself for not running Rocky story

Southwest Museum Community College??

New Editors at Daily News

Daily News Griffith Park Preservation Poll…The “Ayes” Have It!

Fed Chairman Ben Bernanke sees unemployment and weak growth as bigger problems than inflation

Unions Slam ‘American Idol’

Century City ER closes Saturday

Thousands of California children are in danger of losing health insurance

Effort to keep finances private rejected

Links to all these stories and more at: LA CITY

NOTE: This one time the LA CITY NEWS Blog link was directed here first, while the Feedburner is installing on the new blog. From now on the link will take you directly to the main LA CITY NEWS Blog. Bookmark it.

photo credit: Zuma Dogg/


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