LA City News Scan (8.23.08/9AM Update)

Thanks to the new editors of Daily News for their FRONT PAGE coverage of “Bigfoot Believers,” the opening of an over-budget swimming pool, and some sob story about some Hollywood memorabilia up for auction. REAL IMPORTANT STUFF!!! So we are dealing with a newspaper that is doing front page coverage for “Bigfoot Believers.”

LA TIMES…EVEN WORSE, at least the story about a swimming pool was a swimming pool in the City and in the United States, and not some international swimming pool. But if you want to read about a “stain” regarding children in India; “tree huggers” in Humbolt county; Chelsea Handler; and some sports celebrity who is on a real career roll…CHECK THE FRONT PAGE OF THE SUNDAY LA TIMES! And their internet staff worked at lightening speed, this morning, to post (yesterday’s news) on that “Joe Biden is Obama’s running mate” at 4:30 AM PDT, August 23, 2008.

So for all intent and purposes, LA Times readers (newspaper OR [what is supposed to be more timely] internet — didn’t have confirmation until they woke up this morning, while Zuma Dogg confirmed it on his blog at 9:29 PM the day before…LMFAO!

For the rest of us…it’s up to the blogs. And if you listened to the newscasts on any local AM radio station, yesterday, there wasn’t a single story that I heard, that wasn’t posted on the LA City News Blog already.

Basically, the radio stations have their own news wires and services and whatever tools of the trade (like staff); but the people (la gente) now have LA City News which really filters out all the non-essential, warm and fuzzy, jibber-jabber that the newspapers and internet sites are filled with; and you get the stuff local LA City NC members, activists and interested residents can go as a great starting point.

Here are some of the stories featured this Saturday morning for the 9am hour. And if you wanna help keep this service rolling, it would help to paypal the hard working staff who is updating the blog round the clock!

From: LA City News Blog (8/23/08, 9 AM Update):

Finding L.A.’s hidden homeless

Controversy roils Sunset Junction festival in Silver Lake

You Gotta Admit, Zuma Dogg Confirmed Biden on My Blog Before Anyone Else (Like Fox or CNN or Anyone Else!)

ICE vows beefed-up enforcing

Fed Chairman Ben Bernanke sees unemployment and weak growth as bigger problems than inflation

Madame Acting Mayor Perry

L.A. hospital closes due to deep debt

MUCH, MUCH, MUCH more from the past 24 hours and past few days at LA City News Blog.


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