And Now, This PAYPAL Break….

Alright, so I was supposed to do something else this week since there were no council meetings, and instead, I filled every waking moment catching up on blogging and if you check all the threads below this one, you’ll see it was a full time effort. Unfortunately, I lived in denial, and now it ain’t gonna be too comfortable this weekend. So if you like what you see and wanna holla at ya boy with a little paypal donation to help keep my head above water click here for paypal. (You can use a credit card if you don’t have a paypal account. And remember to hit the “Update Total” button under where you fill in the amount, or you will be there all day.) If it was a crisis last weekend, well now it’s a week later. If you can do it, try and figure it out.



LA City
A news scan of various blogs and news sites:
The Los Angeles Blog Remix!

You should paypal me just for that!

2 thoughts on “And Now, This PAYPAL Break….

  1. Hey thanks to the person who let me know the original picture I posted was someone I met at a Planning meeting, and not someone I met at the mini-mart (like I thought). (I got the, “YOU BIG DUMMY” my self.)You’re right, I don’t need to drag someone else into this post, so I changed the picture, cause I’m sure there is no conflict with her. I thought I was just posting a picture with a random dude.

  2. Zuma – no that was Pete Galindo, close with Scott (plays with his Johnson), Hugo Pacheco, and Jose (Flippity Flopity, today I am for Legacy, tomorrow I will cry to media like a lil’ biatch)

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