Councilmember Bernard Parks Calling For Investigation As To What Happened At Leimert Park and The Shaw Family’s Encounter with County Wide Task Force

The good news is, it appears as though the City Attorney’s office is finally doing something about illegal vending! Because that is why they were at Leimert Park on Sunday, even though if you WERE to crack down on illegal vending on the streets of Los Angeles, Zuma Dogg says that’s about the 487th place I would target.

See the thread below from earlier this morning (sorry, can’t make a link on this computer) that describes the “city” position as to what the county wide task force was doing there in the first place.

In the mind of public perception, this is going south on CM Parks at Olympic record breaking speed. And I figured with all the perception (including ZD’s) that this was at the request of CM Parks, I figured I would call into his office for an official response. (It almost wasn’t worth the free call to 3-1-1 from a payphone, but I figured I would run through the motions as a courtesy to CM Parks who I was mentioning in my posts on this matter.


I spoke with the person in charge of speaking with Zuma Dogg on these matters, and I explained what I had heard (that due to a number of complaints from nearby Leimert Park retailers and residents regarding illegal vending [among other violations], someone at the local level had the City Attorney send over a county wide task force including LAPD, General Services Police and Health Department; among identified departments) and Zuma Dogg has been authorized to release the following quote that Zuma Dogg spit out (based on my discussion with his office and other sources) and they said I could run with it:

Zuma Dogg of reports that the councilmembers office confirms that “Councilmember Parks did not contact the City Attorney’s office to send the police over to Leimert Park; he had no knowledge of this task force operation in advance; and has opened an investigation into the matter to see what happened and why the Shaws were confronted by this task force.”

Will update as more detail come into the Zuma Times headquarters located in Zuma Dogg’s cell phone.

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