Greetings From Zuma Dogg!

Yeah, Saturday August 16, 2008 holds the record for the worst day in the life of Zuma Dogg. (A new world’s record.)

But I live to see a new day, and today is not as bad (just REGULAR) sucky circumstances.

But since I’ve blogged about the yang side of the life of ZD, today I can at least crank out a ying post to say hello and it HAS been an incredible eight years running around with my camera using the entire city as my performing stage.

And although 99% of the time, the wave of daily public enthusiasm for Zuma Dogg that is thrust upon him is the inspiration and fuel that has compelled me to squeeze out “one more f-ing day” for eight years now (the first six on public access TV [more on the history of “The Zuma Dogg Show” coming this week] and the last two and a half being inside council chambers on TV 35 and on AM talk radio); about once a year — when my sleep and food falls down even further than usual — it triggers a manic depression attack until I get to eat. So last night around 11 pm, I got to eat.

And although you gotta paypal me if possible to make sure Monday isn’t another Saturday; hopefully I will be able to hang in there and catch up on a lot of blogging while Council is on break for two weeks until after Labor Day.

HOWEVER, since Council is on recess and the fraud, waste and abuse factory is shut down (no agenda items rolling through) I am going to shift the focus of my blog posts slightly and will be posting most of it at and only linking the excerpts here with the “Read More” links.

Over the past two and a half years, I basically shut down and stopped all other functions and creative expression I was rolling with before my first day at City Hall. It’s been all AM instead of FM radio and all CNN instead of VH1.

So with council on recess, I am going to shift slightly back to the center and focus on catching up on blogging and writing new content relating to the other elements of Zuma Dogg who is really an Andy Kaufaman type of comedian/variety performer who walked into City Hall one day in character and the whole thing ended up being an actual real life Andy Kaufman-style situation unfolding before the people of L.A. and the Councilmembers on City TV 35.

But somewhere recently, it went from Andy Kaufman, to 100% actual politics, because I feel nothing is more important and can no longer go back to 100% pure frivolous comedy/variety any more than the Beatles could go back to writing innocent, poppy hits like, “She Loves You” after their “Magical Mystery Tour/Sgt. Pepper’s” era.

So ZD hasn’t gone soft and hopefully will be able to hang in there for another miserable round of meetings on TV 35 and fresh blogging of the racketeering strategy session that is YOUR Los Angeles City Council meeting.

But with that magical part of summer between now and Labor Day, and the corruption in remission, I want to spend some time catching up with my audience from the past eight years who I have been totally ignoring while caught up in LA City Hall energy patterns.

BUT FIRST: Please go through these links from the past four months and past two and a half years that I went through (and will continue to go through and post these next two weeks until the next quorum in September) because the stuff I will be re-posting is stuff that I want YOU to be aware of and more importantly (because as a ZD blog reader and reader of the other blogs, I’m sure) you already know about all this stuff. But maybe you missed some of this in the avalanche of new stuff being posted daily by ZD, Mayor Sam, Ron Kaye, Mailander; plus the newspaper, tv and other blogs and sites.

BUT MOST IMPORTANTLY: The point of Zuma Dogg’s blogging and public comment and radio calls are to try and alert the masses to the things they need to be aware of in the city — and especially NOW during the election season homestretch. (I hope I am able to hang in there for the next round between September and November.)

But my attendance at the meetings and blogging of the issues and candidates is not a given, so the MAIN reason I am going to post these “Summer Re-Run” links of previous posts over the past two and a half years (focusing on the past four months) is so you can email these blog threads to your email address book to help spread the word.

So I will make sure the blog threads intended for you to send out to the masses is informational and pretty basic, without other ZD related stuff mixed in the threads.

People move mountains to be able to attend an NC meeting or local rally which is a one time thing then it can’t be recycled. ZD isn’t knocking those, cause as you know I attend as many as possible. But it does frustrate me that some of these videos and blog posts get buried so quickly not only by my own avalanche of blogging, but by the news cycle itself (the entire blog/newspaper/tv/radio sphere.) AND, you can end up reaching WAY more people with a good YouTube video and email blast by a few people, than any meeting people have to show up for.

I think there should be MORE Town Hall meetings on line. And here is a re-run of one of mine:


So while things are slow at City Hall and radio and news focuses on the national Presidential elections (with the DNC coming up); I will be going through and looking for the things to help get the momentum going in September until the election season. And depending on how my daily eating and gas money goes, I will be able to post tons — or post a little when I can).

But the main thing is to please email around and repost entirely if you want the Summer Re-runs I will be posting here on LA Daily (You do not have to type, “” — just “” AND, you don’t even have to do that. You can link to the daily blog at “”

Here’s the first post on my “” blog where I will be posting about my experiences from my radio days in the 80’s and 90’s (amazing glory days); “The Zuma Dogg Show” era (2000-present) and “Zuma Dogg vs City Hall” (2006-Present).

Maybe it’ll be the first autobiographical screenplay blogged online. I really put all my “Hollywood” stuff on hold to do all this City Hall stuff. But I’ve always said I wanted to make a movie about it all called, “9 Mile” cause MY movie is one mile better than Emimem’s!


And go to “” for EZ links to most recent LA Daily Blog posts to get started with your summer re-run reading for election season! (You don’t have to wait for ZD to go through the stories, you can pick the ones you like yourself. I’m just gonna try to narrow it down and weed out the non-essentials.

City Council Off to Democratic Convetion
LAist, CA – Aug 15, 2008
We’re not sure if all that is true, but rumors are that Zuma Dogg will be running things by the time they get back. By Zach Behrens

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