Los Angeles County Cannot Enforce Its’ Way Out Of The Graffiti Problem!

Today, Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors (Stupidvisors) passes some new laws that will hold parents accountable for the action of their kids when it comes to the runaway graffiti problem in Los Angeles.

The City has been pushing their reward money for people who call in graffiti taggers in progress, but this is not realistic because first of all the cops don’t come running when you call it in — and even if they do, the taggers are gone before the cops can get there.

And we all know what happens when a private citizen tries to break up one of these impromptu cultural art fests. (Rat-a-tat-tat!)

And I just heard on the radio how this pilot program in Pico Union that the Board based this agenda item on is such a huge success, with 20% improvement with this; and an overall reduction of that:

But you are not going to be able to arrest and seminar your way out of this. (The law calls for “how to be a better parent” programs for parents of repeat offenders.)

The toothpaste is out of the tube, or should I say, the spray paint is out of the can on this one.
We live in a new society and a new era. A much more hot-headed, quick-tempered, impulsive society when it comes to the youths who are involved in this world.

So graffiti there will be…and the city is simply to big geographically for the amount of police available for enforce this type of crime.

SOLUTION: The City/County is going to have to add, “Graffiti Removal Service” to the list of other services like trash removal, traffic enforcement and other city services like maintenance.

So at 6:00am every morning, the Graffiti Removal Service will drive the route and paint over the new graffiti from the night before. This is the only way to combat it. Wipe it off before they have a chance to see it the next day.

And of course property owners tagged with the graffiti can call it in, and the City will head over with their crew at the soonest opportunity.

Non-profits can be used to provide this service as an option. TALK ABOUT A GREAT USE OF GANG INTERVENTION/YOUTH DEVELOPMENT MONEY!!! Fund these GRC’s (Graffiti Removal Crews) with funding for this type of non-profit intervention service!

THE CITY AND COUNTY CAN TRY TO CRACK DOWN AND ENFORCE THEIR WAY OUT OF IT AND FORCE PARENTS TO ATTEND SEMINARS. FORGET IT! Deal with it in a real and practical way! The City and County are going to have to provide the removal service and figure out where the money will come from — and Zuma Dogg says the money Villaragiosa and Jeff Carr are in charge of dolling out is a good place to start; simply on the realest, dough.

You cannot force business owners to pay for this! And from what Councilmember Dennis Zine tells me, this is a HUGE problem for him, BECAUSE HE IS HEARING ABOUT IT FROM THE RESIDENTS OF HIS DISTRICT. His constituents see the graffiti in their neighborhood and are concerned about the property values and overall aesthetics of the community.




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